Servilog is a provider of international logistics services, specialized in the West Africa region. We have a great experience in the field so we know the difficulties and complications that exist when carrying out logistics operations in these countries.

Therefore, we have all the necessary tools to help you, proposing a series of services tailored to each client based on the logistics needs of each of the projects entrusted in a simple, convenient, fast and economical way. Trust and advice in each of the different stages, make our identity sign, the main objective of Servilog.



At Servilog we know that small projects are also important. That is why we have developed a LCL service for West Africa in a simple, direct, easy and economical way. Wherever the merchandise is located, Servilog will take care of all the logistics operations until it reaches the destination, thanks to the wide network of correspondents and companies that collaborate with Servilog.

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Full container loads

This service is intended for those companies and individuals who are going to carry out the complete loading of containers, regardless of the type of merchandise and unit needed. If you wish, at Servilog we can take care of the entire logistic process of the container from the loading point of the merchandise, through the export customs procedures and until the container arrives at its final destination.

Comprehensive logistic advice

Sometimes, the contribution of a different perspective can help you to improve the optimization of your company’s resources. Regardless of the experience you have in international logistics operations, at Servilog we can advise you to find an optimal solution that guarantees the success of the entire process. The analysis of the different stages and elements involved in a logistics procedure will provide the necessary information to evaluate, plan and execute a new logistics plan for your company and to facilitate your work.

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New customers / suppliers

Nowadays, companies must have a network of clients and suppliers as extensive as possible. For this reason in Servilog we can help you find new ways to expand your business, either finding new consumers to sell your products or expanding the portfolio of suppliers.